Invesco Select Retirement Fund - Overview

Hong Kong retirement schemes that are registered under the Occupational Retirement Schemes Ordinance are known as ORSO schemes.

Invesco Select Retirement Fund ("the Fund") was launched in 1984 for investment by ORSO schemes in Hong Kong. Key features are:

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Asset Switch

Asset Switch - Members may change their investment options free of charge (frequency subject to employer's pre-set arrangement).

Daily Dealing

Daily Dealing - All the funds are valued daily.

Fees Structure

Simple & Competitive Fees - All fees are deducted from the NAV (net-asset-value). There is no bid-offer spread. Please refer to the Prospectus for more details.

Investment Choices

Investment Choices covering the risk and return spectrum to meet your unique needs...more

Accrued Benefits

Need to take care of your Minimum MPF Benefit ("MMB")? Click to MMB Transfer Form and Personal Account Membership Enrollment Form. And please read the offering document: Prospectus.

Flexible Voluntary Contribution

Your current pension plan alone may not be sufficient for your retirement, check out the Flexible Voluntary Contribution arrangement...more