As at 30/06/2020 (All in HKD)
Name of Constituent Fund Unit Class Inception Date
Year to Date 1 Year 3 Years 5 Years Since Inception
Hong Kong and China Equity Fund A 05/03/2003 5.89% 4.60% 10.34% 10.48% 342.49%
Invesco Hang Seng Index Tracking Fund A 31/07/2014 12.19% 12.08% 2.30% 5.13% 13.96%
Asian Equity Fund A 28/09/2007 10.00% 5.73% 1.63% 8.86% 11.11%
Growth Fund A 28/12/2000 9.89% 5.23% 5.62% 11.30% 125.36%
Balanced Fund A 29/01/2001 5.99% 2.25% 7.05% 12.72% 119.52%
Core Accumulation Fund3 A 01/04/2017 1.22% 3.50% 14.41% N/A 17.22%
RMB Bond Fund A 05/03/2013 0.25% 0.19% 4.62% 1.70% 3.17%
Capital Stable Fund A 29/01/2001 0.27% 1.95% 7.90% 13.51% 109.50%
Age 65 Plus Fund3 A 01/04/2017 3.94% 6.38% 14.31% N/A 14.74%
Global Bond Fund A 05/03/2003 3.88% 4.54% 7.59% 12.67% 60.89%
Guaranteed Fund1 G 29/01/2001 2.37% 3.37% 5.21% 5.93% 29.70%
MPF Conservative Fund2 A 29/01/2001 0.78% 1.53% 3.31% 3.56% 19.97%

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All performance figures are NAV to NAV with gross income reinvested (all in HK$).

Investment involves risks. Past performance is not indicative of future performance. Investors should read the MPF scheme brochure for details, including the fees and charges, risk factors and product features.

1. Guaranteed Fund invests in an Approved Pooled Investment Fund ("APIF"), which is an insurance policy issued by Principal Insurance Company (Hong Kong) Limited ("the Guarantor"). When benefits are withdrawn or transferred upon the occurrence of any of the following qualifying events, the Guarantor will provide the higher of the Fund's actual return or guaranteed capital and return (currently 1% p.a. compounded annually) over the investment period: (a) Retirement or early retirement; (b) Total incapacity; (c) Terminal illness; (d) Death; (e) Permanent Departure from Hong Kong; (f) Small balance; (g) Termination of employment with a continuous investment period of at least 36 complete months. (The above qualifying events (a) to (f) apply to all members, while qualifying event (g) only applies to employee members.)

If benefits are withdrawn or transferred for reasons other than those stated above, the guaranteed return will not apply. Instead, members will be subject to the actual market value of the Fund. When you apply for either claim of benefits or transfer of funds, it is essential to complete and return all necessary forms and documents to the trustee as soon as possible. Special terms and conditions apply regarding how the guaranteed return operates. Please refer to the MPF scheme brochure, including the illustrative examples for full details of how the guaranteed return operates.

2. The MPF Conservative Fund is not subject to the supervision of the Hong Kong Monetary Authority. Investment in the Fund is not equivalent to placing funds on deposit with a bank or deposit taking company. The Fund does not provide guarantee on capital. The rights to benefits of a member in the Fund are limited to price of the units at redemption, which may be more or less than the price at which such units were purchased. All fees and charges will only be payable out of the Fund to the extent permitted by relevant MPF Regulations, there is possibility that fee deductions would affect the net investment return. Please note that where a Fund has cash holdings which are held by various financial institutions, such cash holdings will be subject to counterparty risk of such party.

The MPF Conservative Fund is not capital guaranteed.

3. The funds were launched in April 2017. Performance information will be presented only after the funds have investment track record of not less than 6 months.