Important information

  • The Fund invests in a portfolio of both investment grade and non - investment grade Asian debt securities (including unrated debt securities and convertibles).
  • Investors should note the risk of investing in Asia, risk of investing in bonds denominated in Asian currencies, concentration risk of investing in a Asian debt securities, investment risk, and risk relating to those share classes denominated/dealt in a different currency than the base currency of the Fund.
  • Investment in bonds or other fixed income securities is subject to (a) interest rate risk (b) credit risk (including default risk, downgrading risk and liquidity risk) and (c) risks relating to non-investment grade bonds and/or unrated bonds and/or high yield bonds.
  • Financial derivative instruments may be used for efficient portfolio management purposes or to hedge or reduce the overall risk of investments.  The use of derivatives may become ineffective and the Fund may suffer significant losses.
  • For certain share class(es), the Fund may at discretion pay dividend out of the capital or pay dividend out of gross income while charging the fees and expenses out of the capital to increase the distributable income for the payment of dividends (i.e. effectively pay dividend out of capital). Payment of dividends out of capital amounts to a return or withdrawal of part of an investor’s original investment or from any capital gains attributable to that original investment. Such distributions may result in an immediate reduction in the net asset value per share. (Note 1)
  • In addition, investors of Monthly Distribution-1 share class (MD-1) should note that (a) MD-1 may continue to distribute in periods in which the Fund has negative returns or is making losses, which further reduces the net asset value of the relevant MD-1; (b) Investors are subject to exchange rate fluctuations subsequent to the determination of the stable distribution rate; (c) The distribution rate will be determined at the discretion of the Fund, dividend payment and dividend rate are not guaranteed; (d) Investments in MD-1 are not an alternative to a savings account or fixed-interest paying investment; and (e) For MD-1 that are currency hedged, investors may forego capital gains arising from the interest rate differential associated with currency hedging in favour of income distributions. The uncertainty and changes of relative interest rates may also adversely impact the return of the hedged unit classes. (Note 2)
  • The value of the Fund can be volatile and could go down substantially.
  • Investors should not base their investment decision on this material alone.
  • Invesco Asian Bond Fund

NAV (26/04/2017)

9.5614 AUD

12 months
Low High
9.3340 9.7254

Fund performance chart

Cumulative Performance

Last update date: 31/03/2017
  YTD 3M 6M 1Y 3Y 5Y Since Launch~
Share Class 3.95% 3.95% 1.85% 7.83% N/A N/A 13.39%
Index^ 4.56% 4.56% -3.12% 0.01% N/A N/A 1.49%

Calendar Year Performance*

Last update date: 31/12/2016
2016 2015 2014 2013 2012
Share Class 7.48% 2.36% -0.86% N/A N/A
Index^ 1.74% -2.88% N/A N/A N/A

Dividend Report+

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Aims to pay dividend on monthly/ quarterly/ semi-annual/ annual basis. Dividend is not guaranteed. For Fixed Distribution Shares, Gross Income Shares and Monthly Distribution-1 Shares, dividend may be paid out of the capital. Please refer to Note 1 and/ or Note 2 of the "Important Information".

Record Date (DD/MM/YY) Rate / Share (AUD) Price on Record Date (AUD) Annualized Dividend (%)
31/03/2017 0.0520 9.55 6.54
28/02/2017 0.0520 9.55 6.53
31/01/2017 0.0520 9.45 6.60
30/12/2016 0.0520 9.34 6.68
30/11/2016 0.0520 9.46 6.59
31/10/2016 0.0520 9.60 6.50
30/09/2016 0.0520 9.69 6.44
31/08/2016 0.0520 9.68 6.44
29/07/2016 0.0520 9.62 6.48
30/06/2016 0.0520 9.65 6.47
31/05/2016 0.0520 9.50 6.57
29/04/2016 0.0520 9.49 6.57

^ Reference Index: Markit iBoxx ALBI

* The calendar year performance of a share class in its year of launch is calculated from its launch date to the last day of that year, which is not a full year return. The calendar year performance of Index in the share class’s year of launch is not available. For launch date, please click Fund Details.

+ Annualized dividend (%) = (Rate/Share X Frequency) ÷ Price on record date. Upon dividend distribution, the fund's net asset value may fall on the ex-dividend date. For Frequency, Monthly = 12; Quarterly = 4; Semi-Annually = 2; Annually =1. All distributions below USD 50 in value (or its equivalent) will be automatically applied in the purchase of further shares of the same class. Positive distribution yield does not imply a positive return.

~For share class's launch date, please refer to Fund Details section.

Fund Objective

Aims at generating income and long-term capital appreciation by investing in Asian debt securities which are issued/guaranteed by Asian governments, local authorities/public authorities or entities listed on Asian exchange, carrying out business predominantly in Asia or in Asian currencies which may be issued/guaranteed by other entities.

Key Facts

Launch Date 20/08/2014
Fund Size AUD 463.16mn (as of 31/03/2017)
Management Fee 1.00%
Minimum investment AUD 1,500
Initial Charge (up to) 5.00%
Fund Manager Chris Lau, Jackson Leung, Ken Hu
Bloomberg Code IASAMAH LX
ISIN Code LU1075213139
IVRS Code 750

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Important information

Effective 30 April 2016, the reference index changed from HSBC Asian Local Bond Index (ALBI) (the “Previous Index”) to Markit iBoxx ALBI (the “Current Index”). Performance of the Current Index applies retrospectively to 1st Jan 2013 (the earliest data available).The index data before 1 Jan 2013 belongs to the Previous Index.Investment involves risks. Past performance is not indicative of future performance. Investors should read the relevant prospectus for details, including the risk factors and product features. This material has not been reviewed by the Securities and Futures Commission and is issued by Invesco Asset Management Asia Limited (景順投資管理亞洲有限公司). 

All data (including fund and reference index performances) is sourced from Invesco unless otherwise stated.

Performance of the share class is calculated based on NAV to NAV, gross income re-invested in share class currency.